Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I can't believe that it's July 4th already!  I'm hoping everyone is enjoying the summer.  There's lots to update you on regarding Rubbing Elbows.  The most exciting thing is the soon to be released video from @CinematicEye.  Bill has been working hard and has gotten to know why animals are so different to work with.  I can't wait to see it and be able to post it.

Next, Rubbing Elbows is now a Shure Pets independent distributor.  This means we now carry pet products that are 100% natural, all organic and MADE in the USA.  There are also unique animal themed gifts for the animal lovers too.  The company is a direct marketing company and 'Pupperware' parties are a part of it, but you can go directly to my site and order - no party necessary.  Check it out at:

Also, with this site, I can hold fundraisers for your organization!  The pet industry is one of the biggest growing sectors of the economy, even in these times.  This is a wonderful way to raise funds for animal shelters, rescues and the like, but it would work equally well for any organization including schools and churches.

Lastly, I now have a site where you can directly order Young Living Essential Oils and other products.  There are several pet specific products and I would be happy to help you with oils selections for your pets and you.  You can explore that site at:

Enjoy the day and remember the sacrifices that were made to make this great country.  Enjoy the summer!

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